Company introduction

Fen wei Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., founded in 2000, is a hybrid distribution agent of electronic components. At present, the company has long-term cooperation with famous component manufacturers at home and abroad. There are more than 1million kinds of goods on sale and nearly 100 brands. After one year of efforts and development, the service-oriented company, which can meet the needs of most customers for "authentic products, spot goods and one-stop" and provide technical support and model selection recommendations for customers, has a certain scale and has more than 20 employees. Responsible for IC sales, passive component sales, technical support and related businesses of scheme consulting division


富有特色的企业文化,强大的技术研发能力,雄厚的机械加工实力,以及在东南亚、北美 欧洲等地区较完备的售后服务体系,使我们赢得了国内外众多著名企业的信赖。 我们与10多家世界500强公司有着深度合作,有为他们提供高品质产品和服务的经验。

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